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Rescue Techniques Training Course

  The Tokyo Fire Department provides the Rescue Techniques Training Course as part of the Crisis Management Network, namely the international cooperation project of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This TFD-initiated training program is for the fire fighters of the Networkfs member cities.

The TFD hopes to arrange the Rescue Techniques Training Course at each cityfs convenience, making it more flexible than ten years ago, when the Course was inaugurated.

STEP ‡T: Training in Japan

  The TFD selects a gtrainee cityh from among applicant cities. After the completion of this training course in Tokyo, the trainees return home and act as trainers. For this yearfs report, please see Attachment .

STEP ‡U: Training out of Japan

  This training is basically offered by those who, as ginternational trainees,h completed STEP ‡T. Specifically, they give training, as gdomestic trainers,h in their countries with TFD members assisting them on site.

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